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{X75} Nova Trance Song
{X75} Dr. Wily Stage 1-2 Video Game Song

2012 Submissions

{X75} Gentle Step Dubstep Song
{X75} Draft Dance Song
{X75} Serious Feeling 2 Trance Song
{X75} Sweet NightMaReZ Dubstep Song
{X75} Xemption Trance Song
{X75} Chainless Rain Dance Song
The Bed Intruder (Full Cover) Hip Hop - Modern Song

2010 Submissions

The Bed Intruder [X75] *Short* Hip Hop - Modern Song
Serious Feeling Trance Song
Empty Remorse... Trance Song
Just Hold On [NightArMzX75MiX] Video Game Song
OGHJ Hip Hop - Modern Song
Buy a Flashlight =P Trance Loop
The Night's Life Trance Loop
Night's ArM Miscellaneous Song