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I am currently working on a certain K.K. song from Animal Crossing and putting my own flavor on it.
Well, I'm working on two, I just need to decide which one first lol.
Gonna be so fun to work on!
..wait, someone took my cupcake.. but who and when..?

Mega Man! Yeah, Lemons!

2013-06-18 21:18:22 by NightArMzX75

My cover of the Dr. Wily Stage 1-2 in Mega Man II is now on newgrounds!
Listen and Enjoy!

Gentle Step. Nuff Said!

2012-10-18 11:14:19 by NightArMzX75

New Dubstep song! Was fun to work on.

Just asking d-(^-^)z


P.S. Working on Serious Feeling 2, it be fun.

Xemption was taken down.

2011-08-06 05:49:15 by NightArMzX75

I accidently put up the wrong version of Xemption. I'll have the right one up in a little bit.


2011-08-04 13:27:48 by NightArMzX75

My new trance song, Xemption, was uploaded yesterday! Listen, vote, and tell me what u think!

I'll be gone until this coming tuesday. I'm in California and I did not bring my laptop. Can't finish my dubstep! BOO!

I accidently put the unfinished version of it on newgrounds cuz I am stoopid..

New songs coming soon.

2011-03-22 20:32:50 by NightArMzX75

Wow.. quite a collection of songs I've made. I should probably start putting them on newgrounds.. yeahhh I should probably get on that.